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Оборудование Axis


Товары Axis в нашем магазине

Видеокамера AXIS AXIS M2026-LE MK II Day/night, compact and outdoor-ready bullet style HDTV camera,
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS M5054 Ceiling-mount mini PTZ dome camera with 5x Optical zoom and autofocusing
53 135 Р
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS M5525-E 50HZ Discreet PTZ with HDTV 1080p, 1920x1080, 10x optical zoom, automa
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS Q6125-LE 50HZ Top of the line PTZ with IR, HDTV 1080 and 30x optical zoom, H26
363 250.50 Р
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS P1375-E RU Outdoor, NEMA 4X, IP66/67 and IK10-rated, light weight HDTV 1080p r
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS M3065-V
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS M3066-V
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS M3075-V
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS M1065-L Small, full-featured indoor cube camera  for day & night surveillance.
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS Q6055-E 50HZ Top performance HDTV 1080p compliant, outdoor-ready, IP66, IK10 a
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS M2025-LE Day/night, compact and outdoor-ready bullet style HDTV camera, IP66-
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS Q3515-LV 9MM Day/night fixed dome with support for Forensic WDR, Lightfinder a
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS P1375 Barebone in single pack. No lens. No power supply.
Видеокамера AXIS AXIS P1447-LE RU
Комплект монтажный AXIS AXIS T91B47 50-150MM AXIS T91B47 Pole Mount for indoor and outdoor installat
Комплект монтажный AXIS AXIS T91A11 STAND WHITE
Комплект монтажный AXIS AXIS T91A64 BRACKET CORNER
21 190 Р
Переходник AXIS AXIS T8120 15W MIDSPAN 1-PORT
6 282 Р
Комплект монтажный AXIS AXIS 216FD/P3301 PENDANT WHT 1.5NPT
100 Р
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